Conclusive Guidelines on Opting for a Marquee Hire in Adelaide

Marquee Hire Adelaide

There are many big events to celebrate…weddings, graduations, retirement, Sweet 16, charity events and galas. When you start the planning process, one of the first decisions is a venue.

If you want to really do it right, order a marquee from All Party Hire in Adelaide. We have the flexibility to expand your setting from just an ordinary meeting room to incorporate the excitement of the outdoors. If you are using your home, it adds the space you need to make it truly spectacular.

If you need more reasons, here are a few:

Marquee Hire Adelaide

Designate the Area – A marquee will define the area for your event where none was. They come in different sizes and so you can become creative with different areas for food or entertainment.

Design Possibilities – With a marquee you start with a blank canvas. You get to choose the colors, accessories, and lighting. You are not restricted to coordinating with a room’s chandeliers or strange wall color. You can let your personality show through.

Flexibility – Marquees come in different sizes so that you can choose just the right size for your event.

Privacy – If you are hosting an event at your home but want to prevent nosy neighbors from gawking, a marquee gives you the discretion to enjoy. If you have chosen an open area like a beach or garden setting, you are able to keep control of the outside interference of volleyball games or unwanted stares.

Shelter – The relentless sun can make your guests very uncomfortable. Using a marquee means degrees cooler inside. A respite from the rain means your guests are able to enjoy the event no matter what the weather. The sides can be raised or you can order a tent with clear walls so that you still enjoy the view. Heaters are available for chilly evening events.

Focal Points – You may choose to have a variety of marquees. This doesn’t mean your party will feel like a fair, but rather will give the opportunity for lounge areas or service points. It is a great way to allow your guests to mingle and enjoy the gathering.

Marquee Hire Adelaide

No Time Constraints – With many halls or meeting rooms, you are only allocated a specific time. With a marquee you can have it arrive early and stay late. Next day retrieval is no problem for All Party Hire. We are able to work within your parameters to be sure everything possible is to your liking.

Increased Available Space – Many layouts are just not adequate for your party, whether it is your home, a park, or an event space or country club. A marquee expands to your needs and will let you accommodate more people or a stage or a dance floor, or more seating, or a larger serving area, or even games.

Less Stress – If you are planning to use your home to host a party but are concerned about people tracking in dirt or having to limit access to certain areas, a marquee gives you the flexibility and freedom from concern.

Less Mess – At the end of the party, you won’t need to worry about moving furniture back to its original position. All Party Hire will do all the clean up and you can sit back and relish in a successful party.

Marquee Hire Adelaide

Backup Plan – When planning far in advance, you can never be sure of the weather conditions. A marquee gives you plenty of options to take care of the sudden rain shower or an unusually hot day. If you are throwing a bash with little notice, it is the perfect venue without searching for available rooms or size. Marquees are available in different sizes and shapes so you will be able to select just the right configuration.

Decorating Creativity – A marquee is the perfect blank canvas. You will be able to decorate from top to bottom and establish the layout that is just right for your event. Your guests will be able to enjoy your party and you can take all the credit.

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